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Check Engine, Etc.


If you are driving Toyota RAV4, or you are a mechanic working on this car this site might help you to understand a problem which is may cost you lots of money and aggravations if you miss to address it in timely manner. In our estimation sooner or later every RAV4 2001-2003 model years will have this problem regardless of mileage and service history. Brain of this car is – so called ECM, also known as engine/transmission computer has a design blunder. To make a long story short, ECM will eventually lose its ability to control transmission solenoids.


Symptoms could occur any time and quite suddenly, without any warning signs. Shifting of gears will become erratic, bumpy, sometime even slipping. Car may start taking off from high gear, reverse engagement often harsh, forward too soft. Check Engine Light might comes on, but not  always.

If driver will bring car to transmission shop for checking soon enough, mechanic may not found any obvious problem, like burned oil, which usually signal that time for transmission rebuild has come. Further driving with malfunctioning ECM will quickly make transmission rebuild necessary. But even with perfectly fine rebuild transmission will not solve shifting problem if problem with ECM not addressed and in a couple weeks transmission will need repair again. It will be a disaster as for customer as for repair shop which has to give a warranty for its work.

If you are driving 2001-2003 RAV4 with original ECM in it you might damage your transmission before you know it. Be on a safe side, read discussions, look into solutions and make a decision.




Check Engine, Etc.

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