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Toyota recognized problem with 2001-2003 RAV4 ECM and issued bulletin #TC002-06 in which this problem is addressed. The solution is to replace ECM itself. Usually if problem can be rectified by reprogramming new calibration is available. But for this particular case problem is not a software related it is a hardware that in fault. Redesigned unit available from Toyota for free if your car still under Federal mandated warranty 8 years or 80 000 miles. If your car fits in this conditions we strongly recommend you to contact your local dealer and demand replacement. But we did not hear any cases when Toyota will do anything if mileage is above 80 000. So if it is your case, you are on your own.

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You can found much more traces of this problem all over the internet. Just google “RAV4 Transmission troubles”. In most cases root cause of premature transmission failures is ECM malfunction. Even you do not feel any abnormalities in your transmission behavior problem may be already here.

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