Electronic system diagnostic and repair

Check Engine, Etc.

What you should to avoid future or present transmission problem?

Remove ECM from your RAV4, pack it and send to us.

Remove, pack, send.

It is pretty simple.

Follow instructions on the picture.

Tools you need:

1. 10 mm socket with extension and ratchet or just 10mm wrench

2. Short Phillips screwdriver

How to remove ECM

Next step will be to pack it in suitable box or large envelope and mail it to us along with payment of $220. This price includes cost of rebuilding plush shipping from us to lower continental US states. If you live in different place, please contact us before making payment. We also ship internationally, no problem, but just let us know in advance, so we can calculate exact total with shipping. Payment can be made through money order or PayPal.


Shipping address

Check Engine, Etc.

2731 Stillwell Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11224


PayPal payments should be made to chkengine@yahoo.com


If we receive your ECM before noon Mon-Fri, in most cases we can ship it back the same day by USPS express service. So all cycle might take as short time as two days and you will be on the road again pretty quickly.


When you receive ECM just put it back in opposite order and drive. Nothing else should be done, we already erased transmission adaptation information and your rebuild ECM will adapt to your present transmission state during few moderate acceleration cycle. The only inconvenience you might notice lower than usual idle RPM of you engine. This will be normalized after few minutes of idling.


If you are living in NY Metropolitan Area, you can come over to our shop and we can rebuild your ECM while you wait. Usually it takes about one hour.

Check Engine, Etc.

2731 Stillwell Ave


NY, 11224


Phone: 718-449-1734

E-mail: chkengine@yahoo.com

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