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We are regular auto repair shop. When 2001-2003 RAV4s started showing at our door with transmission problem we quickly recognized that a cause for this is Engine Control Module (ECU, PCM, etc.) which also controls transmission shifting. We understand frustration of people who on top of transmission rebuild bill have to buy ECM at tune of $900 to $1600 from Toyota. As we are not just regular repair shop, but the one specialized in electronic repair, we looked more deeper into the problem. Finally after long months of researching we have found particular failed circuits on ECM board and develop cost effective and long lasting way to repair this unit. At first we did this repairs for local customers, mostly transmission shops in our area. After six month and more than 50 successful repairs without any comebacks we decided to propose our service on eBay. You can always find our listing if you search eBay for keywords “RAV4 ECM Repair”. 

We warranty our repair for one year and always trying to help our customers not like Toyota does, refusing to honor warranty with even one miles or one day above boundaries.

We strongly recommend our ECM repair service before lightening strike, as a good measure to save critical and expensive part of your car—transmission.   Click on Remove, Pack, Send button left on this page.


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Check Engine, Etc.

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